The Science of Birds – Scientific American


Our Fascinating Feathered Friends

by Lisa Pallatroni

Section 1: Evolution

1.1    Taking Wing

         by Stephen Brusatte

1.2    Fossil Pigments Reveal Dinosaur Origin of Bird Egg Colors

         by Kate Wong

1.3    Giants of the Sky

         by Daniel T. Ksepka & Michael Habib

1.4    How Birds Branched Out

         by Kate Wong

1.5    Winged Victory

         by Kate Wong

1.6    Tastes Like Pheasant

         by Rachel Nuwer

1.7    Bird Nests Used to Look More Like Fortresses

         by Kat Long

1.8    A Genetic Guide to Birds

         by Sarah Lewin Fraser

Section 2: Intelligence

2.1    Bird Brains Are Far More Humanlike Than Once Thought  

         by Bret Stetka

2.2    The Surprising Power of the Avian Mind

         by Onur Güntürkün

2.3    Young Ravens Rival Adult Chimps in a Big Test of General Intelligence

         by Rachel Nuwer

2.4    Brainy Bird

         by Carolynn “K-lynn” L. Smith & Sarah L. Zielinski

2.5    Crows Understand Analogies

         by Leyre Castro & Ed Wasserman

2.6    City Birds: Big-Brained with Few Offspring or Small-Brained with a Lot

         by Susanne Bard

Section 3: Birdsong and Communication

3.1    Mockingbirds Are Better Musicians Than We Thought

         by David Rothenberg

3.2    Lyrebirds Lie to Get Sex

         by Karen Hopkin

3.3    Baby Chicks Listen to Their Parents Even before Birth

         by Karen Hopkin

3.4    Warbler Species Fires Up Song Diversity

         by Karen Kwon

3.5    Nature’s Headbangers

         by Amy Strauss

3.6    Bird Cries Wolf to Deceive Predator 40 Times Its Size

         by Jason G. Goldman

Section 4: Migration and Behavior

4.1    100 Years of Bird Banding

         by Kate Wong, Jan Willem Tulp and Liz Wahid

4.2    Migration Meteorologist

         by Joshua Rapp Learn

4.3    Migration Learning

         by Jason G. Goldman

4.4    Fast-Flapping Friends

         by Leila Sloman

4.5    Flamingos Can Be Picky about Company

         by Jason G. Goldman

4.6    Light Pollution Is Causing Birds to Nest Earlier—Which Might Not Be a Bad Thing

         by Drew Higgins

4.7    Bird Brawlers Love Spectators—Other Avian Species Are Welcome at Ringside

         by Rachel Nuwer

4.8    Vicious Woodpecker Battles Draw an Avian Audience

         by Jim Daley

4.9    Barn Owl Babies Can Be Helpful Hatch Mates

         by Jason G. Goldman

Section 5: Conservation and Ecology

5.1    Ecologists Saved Bald Eagles with Helicopter Parenting

         by Susan Cosier

5.2    Bird, Interrupted

         by Amy Mathews Amos

5.3    Invasive Species Can Sometimes Help an Ecosystem

         by Samuel B. Case

5.4    Slimy Mudflat Biofilms Feed Migratory Birds—and Could Be Threatened

         by Paige Embry

5.5    New Hope for Migratory Shorebirds

         by Cayte Bosler

5.6    Repurposed Oyster Farm Bags Offer New Real Estate for Migratory Birds

         by Priyanka Runwal

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