Chris Hayes Dismantles Fox News For ‘Dangerous Propaganda’ Over Coronavirus

Chris Hayes on Thursday night slammed right-wing politicians and Fox News for fearmongering about the coronavirus vaccine, which has prompted a high number of Republicans to refuse the shot.

“These vaccines are mind-blowingly effective,” Hayes said. “In Israel, where more than half of the population is now fully vaccinated, new cases have just fallen off a cliff.” 

But in the United States, 43 percent of Republicans said they won’t get the shot.

Chris Hayes slammed right-wing politicians and Fox News on Thursday night for fearmongering about the coronavirus vaccine.

Hayes said the American right has morphed into a “nihilistic psychotic political movement,” one that attacks basic commonsense health advice, including the vaccine. 

“There’s one place where this dangerous propaganda has come from more than any other, maybe aside from Donald Trump, throughout the pandemic,” he said. 

“Even before the vaccine came along, they spread lies and railed against every possible solution we had ? all the public health measures that were at our disposal to try to save lives,” Hayes said as he played a supercut video.

See his full takedown ? including that supercut video ? in the clip above. 

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